Shopping Centers Project

Why did we choose this project?
The children had been watching the construction of Mark Is Minatomirai, from the classroom window and when we played at the museum. With the opening coming soon, we thought it would be exciting to look at shopping centers around Minatomirai!

What activities did we do?
English – A lot of vocabulary associated with shops such as, “fashion”, “accessories”, “design”, “signs”, etc. Also, we practiced reading the shop names and did some writing when designing our own shops.
Math – One of our main activities was counting and categorizing the shops in different shopping centers. We then made graphs and analyzed the data (we found there are a lot of ladies fashion shops!). Another similar activity was counting how many people went into different bookstores and how many of them bought something.
Art/Craft – The children drew many pictures of shopping centers and sketched Mark Is. Our main craft activity was designing a model of a shopping center. 5 groups made models of shops in boxes, which we stacked together in a tower, complete with a working elevator and real lights!
Social – The children had a lot of interaction with people working in shops. We asked many questions when we were visiting different shops. We also organized a small class trip to the GAP store in Landmark Plaza. We toured the shop before they opened for the day, so we could see how the staff prepare and interview them.

How did we conclude this project?
The preschool fair at the end of the first term served as our presentation for parents. We transformed the classroom into a shopping center that included a t-shirt shop, a bookshop, a craft shop and a café! Parents were given tickets that they could use to purchase things in the shops. We also displayed our completed shopping center for the first time, which was very popular.

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