Recycling Project

Why did we choose this project?
There had been a lot of discussion in the classroom about not wasting paper. We also noticed that some children were confused by the difference between plastic and burnable trash when separating their trash. We saw this as a good opportunity to educate them in a fun way!

What activities did we do?
English – We learned vocabulary associated with recycling such as, “plastic”, “paper” and “separate”. We also learned slogans, such as “reduce, reuse, recycle”. There was a lot of class discussion with different themes, such as “What happens to plastic bottles”, “Can we use paper again?” and made a poster to share our knowledge. We also watched some English language videos that showed various recycling themes.  
Math – Most of our activities were based on sorting skills. We did activities that encouraged the children to sort objects based on their features, like plastic or paper.
Art/Craft – Many children enjoyed drawing trash bins and recycling machines. After watching a video of a recycling center, the children made crafts that represented the different machines they saw. We also recycled pet bottle caps into a large piece of artwork that is proudly displayed in our entrance!
Science – One of our major activities was recycling paper. We made screens, shredded paper in a blender to make pulp, and used the screens to make new paper. We used our new, recycled paper to make recycling signs.
Other – The children enjoyed a hands-on learning experience as we took a field trip to Wonder Ship in Tsurumi. There, we saw and interacted with many recycling themed displays and enjoyed a live presentation.

How did we conclude this project?
The children made short videos with recycling themes. Small groups worked with teachers to plan and film the videos. This activity required a lot of teamwork and helped them to develop some drama skills. We showed our videos to parents at the end of year preschool fair.

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