Appliances Project

Why did we choose this project?
During our previous houses project, the children began to incorporate imaginary (boxes, etc) appliances during their house role-plays. We thought it would be a good continuation of the houses project as they would learn more about what goes inside the house.

What activities did we do?
(Note: From this year we began to incorporate Multiple Intelligence Theory into our projects to create a wider range of activities that would benefit all types of learners)
Language – We learned the names of appliances and the verbs that we use. The kids also explained how they work or what they do.
Logic & Numbers – We looked at different prices of appliances and guessed which were the most expensive/cheapest. We talked about how appliances work (batteries or electricity) and about the danger & safety features. We also categorized appliances in various groups, such as cooking, comfort & entertainment appliances.
Spatial – We played games where the children would place appliances in the most appropriate room of a house (e.g. fridge goes in the kitchen). We made various models of appliances and also sketched pictures, taking special note of the size and shape of different appliances. We also played a “find the appliance” game, as we searched the appliance store for various types of appliances.
Music – We listened to the sounds of different appliances to try and guess what they were. We also learned an appliances song.
Body – We did activities that allowed the children to use various appliances (hair dryer, vacuum and blender). We did drama in which the children used their bodies like appliances, such as twist like a washing machine. The children also loved to do many role-plays in which they used appliances that they had made.
People – We talked about who uses different appliances (mama, papa, teachers, kids).
Self – We talked about what appliances we have in our own homes. We also talked about what appliances we most like and most want.
Nature – We looked at pictures which showed ways in which appliance ideas were inspired by nature. For example, an elephant uses its nose to suck up water like a vacuum cleaner.

How did we conclude this project?

The Preschool Fair was the stage for children to display the appliances project (together with our houses project). We did a big role-play for parents which involved the kids using different appliances (which they made) in different rooms of a house (taped on the floor). We also sang our appliances song and then we had various appliance activities that children could enjoy with parents.
Adding items to a fridge made of a polystyrene box.
Playing on a computer made of different pieces.

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